M.A.M Introduction

Just A Professional Traders and Investment Firms that have the authority to manage funds on behalf of their clients can use the YAIBROKERS Multi Account Manager.


Start trading today

MAM 01 is an investment fund managed by Yaibrokers team, aiming at the following goals:

  1. Investment cycle: Medium term
  2. Expected profit: 20-25%/Period
  3. Method: Multi Account Manager (the manager who trades on behalf of the investor on the investor’s account is called MAM Slave)


  1. To Join: Create MAM Slave account
  2. Capital Invest: 5,000 usd
  3. Investing time: 03 months
  4. Investor monitors trade status at MAM Slave (Login MT5 Terminal)


Guarantee the investor’s original capital

Comply with the principle of safe and transparent transactions.

Interested to open an investment account and have us put your money to work, or just curious and want to find out how it works? Please send an email to [email protected] or call us on (+855) 090 208 208 and we will put you in touch with one of our advisers.