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YAI Brokers has carefully refined its Forex spreads in order to ensure that they are among the most competitive in the market. This results in trading costs that are reduced to levels so low that they are among the lowest in the industry. Such reduction offers significant benefits to you as you are free to trade without any restrictions but more importantly without any commissions or hidden fees.

0.2 pips minimum raw spread

Our lowest FX spreads start from 0.2 pip on EURUSD and USDJPY with 3.75 USD per side commissions, we provide a premium trading environment not easily found elsewhere. These conditions make hedging, scalping and EAs more effective and we have no restrictions on any type of trading strategy. Our trading conditions will always remain the same and our execution speed will always be immediate.

Our goals are in alignment with yours

We apply a small USD per lot commission or markup in the spread and rely on trade volume. Our strategy of offering competitive trading conditions has attracted a lot of volume from experienced traders that consistently profit and are long term clients. Our aim is to simply be the lowest spread forex broker with low trade costs to help our clients’ trade more volume.

Customer service is our priority

Our customer service team is available 24/5 to answer any questions regarding our beneficial pricing policy or any of our other premium trading conditions. We pride ourselves on support and during normal working hours aim to have your personal account manager available within minutes at all times.

Test drive our live spreads

If you would like to see our live spreads we recommend you sign up for our Forex demo account, which will provide you with our MT5 platform with the same low forex spreads and conditions that are in our real account