Safety of Funds 

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Safe Keeping

YAI Brokers maintains client denominated bank accounts with European and Swiss credit institutions, which are used exclusively to hold client funds and process withdrawals. These accounts are liquid current accounts so that funds belonging to clients can be readily withdrawn on a same day basis. The financial institutions used are selected on the basis of financial soundness while additional safety is ensured through diversification. Furthermore, YAI Brokers has established an adequate organizational arrangement designed to minimize the risk of loss or diminution of client assets, or of rights in connection with those assets, as a result of misuse, poor administration or negligence of the banking institutions themselves.


Segregated Accounts

The protection of client funds is of paramount importance for YAI Brokers, which is why all client funds are held in segregated accounts within secure banking institutions, thereby safeguarding against their use for any other purpose. YAI Brokers as a segregated account broker operates this kind of separate account principally to shield client investments from circumstances resulting from risk of any force majeure relating to company’s activity. Therefore, rest assured that all clients’ funds are intact with us.