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Questions about Forex

What is Forex

Forex is a short term used for ‘Foreign Exchange’. Forex is the exchange of foreign currencies. The value of a specific currency constantly changes against the value of another currency.

What is over the Counter (OTC) trading?

OTC is a market that is conducted directly between dealers and principals through a telephone or computer network rather than a regulated exchange trading floor. OTC trading with YAI Brokers means that you trade currencies with the aim to make a trading profit through the fluctuation between the currency values. You don’t actually take delivery of these currencies.

Who participates in the Forex market?

Individual investors and speculators, businesses (importers and exporters), multinational corporations, banks, mutual fund companies, pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, central banks and government agencies are just some of the market participants.

Is Forex risky?

Yes, we advise all our clients that foreign exchange trading involves a substantial amount of risk. However, the profits can be unlimited.

How fair is the Forex market?

Forex is considered by some people as the fairest market because of its size and number of participants.

When is the Forex market open for trading?

The Forex market is open 24-hours a day. Forex trading provides a great opportunity for investors to trade anytime of the day or night.